Boost Your Immune Health During the Covid Pandemic

"People Who Keep Their Teeth Live 10 Years Longer Than People Who Lose Their Teeth"

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Charles Mayo, MD  Co-Founder of the Mayo Clinic

Gum Disease is a Serious Disease and Weakens Your Body's Immune System...See Your Dentist Today and Stay Healthier

If your have mild oral infection, bleeding gums, or advanced periodontal gum infection, your immune system is fighting infection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Some of those bacteria could be deadly.

Gum disease has been linked to a host of diseases including: Cardiovascular Disease, Strokes, Diabletis, Low Birth-Weight Babies, Alzheimers, and more. 


Treating Gum Disease Can Improve Your Health

Even minor gum disease, such as gingivitis, can ruin your health.  Bacteria in the mouth can enter the blood stream via infected gums.  This is a low-grade bacteremia that threatens the bodies' immune system 24 hour a days, 7 Days a week 365 days a year.


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Gum Disease can be a silent deadly killer.  For decades little attention was given to oral infection.  Recent studies however show that oral infection can lead to a host of systemic health problems including Strokes, Diabetes, Heart Attacks, Respiratory Disease, and more.